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UPVC Spraying - Spray Styles

We colour change by spraying; UPVC and Aluminium-Windows, doors, conservatories, cladding, fascias and soffits.

Our company was inspired from years of working in the building industry and many refurbishment projects where a huge amount of waste is generated by throwing away perfectly good windows, doors etc., just to change the colour of them. UPVC does degrade over time, but with spraying, it gives an entirely new look. Misted units, faulty handles etc can be replaced, again with huge cost savings.

The paint we use is manufactured by a company in Birmingham to order and have 32 years of experience in making paints for plastic, glass and aluminium. It's fully tried and tested, has an extremely good finish and is very durable. We did our training through them at the start of the business so are able to offer a 10 Year Guarantee on our work.

All work is done on site by cleaning, preparing, masking up and spraying any colour that our customers choose, with the absolute minimum of disruption and no mess is left.

This gives an 'as new' finish to plastic and aluminium frames without the need for costly replacement. Our service is neat and quick too, without the disturbance and interior redecoration costs that can arise from re-installation.

We also re-silicone the areas where necessary and give a thorough check to make sure everything is sealed as it should be; over time sealants can degrade and let in draughts so this is very important.

My Brother-In-Law Alex Braganza and myself are in Partnership with the business and we are currently training a previous colleague of mine to come on board as part of the team.

Kitchen Colour Change is another part of our business.

All of the reasons I mentioned above for enhancing what you have instead of replacing are magnified when it comes to kitchens.

The cost of replacing a kitchen and the upheaval it causes will be well known to anyone who has had it done.

Often, it is literally just some repairs and a colour change that is required to give a kitchen a completely new look and the results and photos speak for themselves. Please see our Facebook page or website for examples of our work.

What Services do we provide?

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