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TBN Community Fund

The aim on our TBN community fund is to provide an opportunity for local charities or organisations to apply for funding to help support them with their cause or to help with a specific project. The fund has an annually allocated amount of money for the purpose of providing small one-off donations to these local causes that, as a collective, TBN would like to support.

Each and every request will be considered on its own merits, and a decision on which cause should be awarded a portion of the allocated funds is decided as a collective of the TBN members at their discretion.


Applications for our fund need to be clear, stipulating the total funds needed for the project or to help the cause, as well as the amount you would like to receive from the fund itself. Within the application you will need to provide as much information about the how the money will support your cause or project, and how your cause or project will help the local Thanet Community. Once received the TBN committee will review all applications received by 1st March and 1st September.

Successful Applications

If your application is successful then a member of the committee may contact you for more information about your submission. You will then be asked to attend one of our breakfast meetings to give a 10 minutes presentation about your cause or the project in question, and the TBN membership will then take a final vote on the last Wednesday in April (if submitted by 1st March) and October (if submitted on 1st September). A member of the committee will then inform you if your application has been successful and, if so, how much funding has been awarded.

If you’re successful and receive funding then TBN would ask that you help support our community of businesses by providing the following:

  • A photo opportunity as you receive the funds (for use on our social media pages and in any TBN promotional material).
  • If you have your own social media pages then TBN would appreciate being promoted over several weeks on these pages.
  • To be included in any marketing or promotional elements surrounding the project as a sponsor or supporter.

All of these points are negotiable and can be discussed once we have confirmed your application has been successful in the first stage of voting.

The Process

Please understand as much as we would like to be able to do so, we cannot support every single application, but will always gladly consider all requests that are local to Thanet or have a direct link to a Thanet based charity or organisations.

To apply please complete a brief as described above and email it to vicechair@thanetbusinessnetwork.co.uk. If you would like more information before submitting an application then please feel free to contact TBN on the same email.